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Egyptian Citadel Martini Henry Carbine. This is a Very Unusual Martini Henry Variation that has Quite a Story with it. The Receiver on this Carbine Started out as a British made Rifle Built at the BSA Factory in 1883. In 1903 the British were Changing over to the Lee Enfield and Phasing out the Martini's. They made the Deal with the Egyptian Government and Sent Tooling and Spare Parts to the Citadel which was a Huge 850 Year Old Fortress in the Center of Cairo. There the Egyptians took Issue British Rifles and Rebuilt and Refurbished them to their own Specifications. They Shortened the Barrels and Made New Stocks and Produced a Very Handy Carbine Version of the Martini Henry for their Own Use. The Receiver on one side has the Remains of the Original British Manufacturing Marks on Other Side has the Word Citadel Stamped into it and the Date it was Rebuilt which is 1907. These Neat Carbines are quite Scarce and this Particular Example is in Very Nice well Used Condition. Caliber is 303 and Serial Number is 7xx4. May be a Long Time Before you ever see Another one of these for Sale

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