Some of the Online Auctions we conduct:


  • Weekly Online Consignment Auctions in Vassar
  • Bi-Weekly Tri-State Farm and Construction Equipment Online Auctions
  • Onsite Farm and Construction Equipment Online Auctions
  • Real Estate Auctions
  • Business Liquidations
  • Moving and Retirement Auctions
  • Antiques and Estates


Every seller has unique situations that require personal attention to plan his or her auction. Feel free to look on our website at what we do and who we are, but please understand that there is no substitute for a face-to-face consultation by a professional auction coordinator when it is time to plan your auction. We will do our best to help you plan the most successful auction possible.

We have 'General Online Consignment Auctions' every week alternating between our two locations in Vassar, MI.  We are always looking for consignments of farm and construction equipment, tools, shop equipment, vehicles, RV’s, ATV’s, guns and sporting goods, furniture, antiques and collectibles, nice glass and china, toys, coins, jewelry, etc. Please email or call our office to request our consignment rates (listing fees and commission) for selling your items!  See below for detailed instructions on how to prepare your items before bringing them in.

When a seller wishes to disclose their phone number with their listing on an auction, this terminates any future request from the seller to add or raise their reserve placed for the item being sold. When contact information is disclosed in the listing, and a seller wishes to have a reserve, it must be placed BEFORE the auction is posted on the website.

We also conduct ‘Tri-State Farm and Construction Equipment Auctions’ twice a month through which a seller can list equipment from his/her own premises to avoid costly moving expenses and other hassles.  Please email or call our office and request information for the ‘Tri-State Consignment Auction’.

If there are enough items of value to warrant an ‘onsite’ auction, we will travel to a seller’s location to conduct an online or live auction. Please email or call to schedule an appointment with one of our sales agents.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you plan to bring a larger load, please CALL AHEAD to make sure space is available. Space may be limited on a Tuesday or Friday! If you plan to drop your item(s) off at one of our two Vassar locations, please make sure to arrive NO LATER than 30 minutes before our building is scheduled to close (drop-off times will vary, depending on the day - i.e. Fridays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM). If you arrive with your item(s) within the last 30 minutes before closing, your item(s) may be turned away. “Calling ahead” will NOT necessarily keep you from being turned away if you physically arrive after last load.