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Tract 10: 20.46 ± Acres, 5223 State Rd., Ft. Gratiot, MI, in Ft. Gratiot Twp., St. Clair Co. section 7 with approx. 330’ frontage and 2,667’ deep. Property ID #74-20-007-3001-000 (20.46 Ac, SEV $41,700). This tract is listed as 19.75 tillable acres on the FSA map and soil maps show primarily Londo loam, Parkhill loam and Londo complex. Tile at 40’ spacing was installed in 2021 on the West half of this tract over the ridge line as well as the East portion along the road (see map). Owner: Jackson Family Rev. Trust.

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Croswell and Fort Gratiot

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