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2006 GMC 7500 Diesel Stake Truck, VIN: 1GDP7E1336F430459, (65,000 Miles), 7.8 Liter, Single Axle with Dual Tires, Automatic, 21’ Bed, 4-Door, Under and Over Toolboxes, Airbrake. Tool racks built in for hand tools. Set up for towing tag trailers. NOTE: Video is ready for viewing. Click on the thumbnail picture of the item to see the additional pictures, find the video, then click the play tab to watch.

Note:HUNDREDS OF ITEMS STILL TO BE ADDED! All items are located at 46705 Erb Drive, Macomb, MI 48042 (MACOMB CO). Call Owner: Henri DeMil @ 586.330.0858 with questions about the equipment.
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46705 Erb Drive, Macomb, Michigan 48042

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