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2014 Ford F550 Diesel Stake Truck, VIN: 1FDUF5GT0EEB53920, (185,000 Miles), 6.7 Liter, Single Axle with Dual Tires, Automatic, Single Cab,16’ Bed, Under and Over Bed Toolboxes. Set up for towing trailers. New rear end. Rebuilt transmission and engine. NOTE: Video is ready for viewing. Click on the thumbnail picture of the item to see the additional pictures, find the video, then click the play tab to watch.

Note:HUNDREDS OF ITEMS STILL TO BE ADDED! All items are located at 46705 Erb Drive, Macomb, MI 48042 (MACOMB CO). Call Owner: Henri DeMil @ 586.330.0858 with questions about the equipment.
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46705 Erb Drive, Macomb, Michigan 48042

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